OpenVAS Libraries  9.0.1
OpenVAS Libraries Documentation

Overview and installation instructions


This is the libraries module for the Open Vulnerability Assessment System

For more information, please refer to the OpenVAS website available at

Please see the file COPYING for the license information.

Please refer to the instructions provided in the file INSTALL if you want to
install openvas-libraries. If you are not familiar or comfortable with building
from source code, we recommend that you use a install package or use
a prepared virtual machine. Information regarding available binary packages 
and virtual machines is available from the download area of the OpenVAS website.

If you have any question or suggestions, please feel free to use the mailing
list and the IRC chat to contact the OpenVAS developers.

Please use the OpenVAS bug tracker located at to report

License Information

License information about openvas-libraries

The openvas-libraries module reveals a number
of different licenses of the GNU family of licenses.

The effective license of the modules as a whole
is the GNU General Public License Version 2 (GNU GPLv2).

Single files, however, are licensed under either
under GNU Lesser General Public License (GNU LGPLv2)
or under "GNU GPLv2 or any later version" (GNU GPLv2+)
or other GPL-compatible licenses. So, subsets of the
module can be used under the respective licenses.

GPLv2: See file COPYING.GPLv2

The following overview was initially collected 20100726 based
on the header of the respective files and since then updated
as changes were applied:

base/array.[c|h]: GPLv2+
base/CMakeLists.txt: GPLv2+
base/credentials.[c|h]: GPLv2+
base/cvss.[c|h]: GPLv2+
base/drop_privileges.[c|h]: GPLv2+
base/gpgme_util.[c|h]: GPLv2+
base/nvti.[c|h]: GPLv2+
base/nvticache.[c|h]: GPLv2+
base/openvas_file.[c|h]: GPLv2+
base/openvas_hosts.[c|h]: GPLv2+
base/openvas_networking.[c|h]: GPLv2+
base/openvas_string.[c|h]: GPLv2+
base/pwpolicy.[c|h]: GPLv2+
base/pidfile.[c|h]: GPLv2+
base/settings.[c|h]: GPLv2+
base/kb.h: GPLv2+
base/kb_redis.c: GPLv2+

misc/arglists.[c|h]: LGPLv2+
misc/bpf_share.c: GPLv2
misc/bpf_share.h: LGPLv2+
misc/CMakeLists.txt: GPLv2
misc/ftp_funcs.[c|h]: LGPLv2+
misc/ids_send.[c|h]: LGPLv2+
misc/internal_com.h: GPLv2+
misc/ldap_connect_auth.[c|h]: GPLv2+
misc/network.[c|h]: LGPLv2+
misc/nvt_categories.h: LGPLv2+
misc/openvas_auth.[c|h]: GPLv2+
misc/openvas_logging.[c|h]: GPLv2+
misc/openvas_proctitle.[c|h]: GPLv2+
misc/openvas_server.[c|h]: GPLv2+
misc/openvas_uuid.[c|h]: GPLv2+
misc/pcap.c: LGPLv2+
misc/pcap_openvas.h: LGPLv2+
misc/plugutils.[c|h]: LGPLv2+
misc/popen.[c|h]: LGPLv2+
misc/prefs.[c|h]: GPLv2+
misc/support.h: GPLv2+
misc/www_funcs.c: GPLv2
misc/www_funcs.h: LGPLv2+

nasl/arc4.c: GPLv2+
nasl/byteorder.h: GPLv2+
nasl/capture_packet.[c|h]: GPLv2
nasl/charcnv.c: GPLv2+
nasl/charset.h: GPLv2+
nasl/CMakeLists.txt: GPLv2+
nasl/exec.[c|h]: GPLv2
nasl/genrand.c: GPLv2+
nasl/hmacmd5.[c|h]: GPLv2+
nasl/iconv.[c|h]: GPLv2+
nasl/lint.c: GPLv2
nasl/md4.[c|h]: GPLv2+
nasl/md5.[c|h]: Public Domain
nasl/nasl.[c|h]: GPLv2
nasl/nasl_builtin_find_service.c: GPLv2
nasl/nasl_builtin_nmap.c: GPLv2+
nasl/nasl_builtin_openvas_tcp_scanner.c: GPLv2
nasl/nasl_builtin_plugins.h: GPLv2+
nasl/nasl_builtin_synscan.c: GPLv2
nasl/nasl_cert.[c|h]: GPLv2+
nasl/nasl_cmd_exec.[c|h]: GPLv2
nasl/nasl_crypto2.[c|h]: GPLv2
nasl/nasl_crypto.[c|h]: GPLv2
nasl/nasl_debug.[c|h]: GPLv2
nasl/nasl_func.[c|h]: GPLv2
nasl/nasl_global_ctxt.h: GPLv2
nasl/nasl_grammar.y: GPLv2
nasl/nasl_host.[c|h]: GPLv2
nasl/nasl_http.[c|h]: GPLv2
nasl/nasl_init.[c|h]: GPLv2
nasl/nasl_isotime.[c|h]: GPLv2+
nasl/nasl_lex_ctxt.[c|h]: GPLv2
nasl/nasl_misc_funcs.[c|h]: GPLv2
nasl/nasl_packet_forgery.[c|h]: GPLv2
nasl/nasl_packet_forgery_v6.[c|h]: GPLv2
nasl/nasl_raw.h: GPLv2
nasl/nasl_scanner_glue.[c|h]: GPLv2
nasl/nasl_signature.[c|h]: GPLv2+
nasl/nasl_smb.[c|h]: GPLv2+
nasl/nasl_socket.[c|h]: GPLv2
nasl/nasl_text_utils.[c|h]: GPLv2
nasl/nasl_tree.[c|h]: GPLv2
nasl/nasl_var.[c|h]: GPLv2
nasl/nasl_wmi.[c|h]: GPLv2+
nasl/ntlmssp.[c|h]: GPLv2+
nasl/openvas_smb_interface.h: GPLv2+
nasl/openvas_wmi_interface.h: GPLv2+
nasl/proto.h: GPLv2+
nasl/smb_crypt2.c: GPLv2+
nasl/smb_crypt.[c|h]: GPLv2+
nasl/smb.h: GPLv2+
nasl/smb_interface_stub.c: GPLv2+
nasl/smb_signing.[c|h]: GPLv2+
nasl/strutils.[c|h]: GPLv2
nasl/wmi_interface_stub.c: GPLv2+

nasl/tests/Makefile: GPLv2+
nasl/tests/signed.nasl: GPLv2+
nasl/tests/test_blowfish.nasl: GPLv2+
nasl/tests/test_bn.nasl: GPLv2+
nasl/tests/test_dh.nasl: GPLv2+
nasl/tests/test_dsa.nasl: GPLv2+
nasl/tests/test_hexstr.nasl: GPLv2+
nasl/tests/test_isotime.nasl: GPLv2+
nasl/tests/test_md.nasl: GPLv2+
nasl/tests/test_privkey.nasl: GPLv2+
nasl/tests/test_rsa.nasl: GPLv2+
nasl/tests/ GPLv2+
nasl/tests/test_socket.nasl: GPLv2+
nasl/tests/testsuiteinit.nasl: GPLv2+
nasl/tests/testsuitesummary.nasl: GPLv2+

omp/CMakeLists.txt: GPLv2+
omp/omp.[c|h]: GPLv2+
omp/xml.[c|h]: GPLv2+

osp/CMakeLists.txt: GPLv2+
osp/osp.[c|h]: GPLv2+