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OpenVAS Change Request #8: Introduce NVT family "Credentials"

Status: Voted +2. Implemented. Server-side changes released with openvas-plugins 1.0.2, client-side released with OpenVAS-Client 1.0.4.


To consistently mark those NVTs that transfer user input on credentials into the knowledge base by setting the family to "Credentials".


Initial discussion on openvas-plugins mailing list where this request emerged from.


OpenVAS-Client offers a configuration page on "Credentials". It summarizes those "plugin preferences" that are managing parameters for logging in somewhere. OpenVAS-Client identifies them currently by hard-coded names (which is a behavior inherited from Nessus).

Apparently names can change or new ones can appear. It is considered a broken concept to have it necessary to change this in the client application each time such a change occurs. Instead, the client should flexible react on changes happened in OpenVAS server.


Design and Implementation