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OpenVAS Change Request #7: Extend report widget with optional info on NVT name/oid in OpenVAS-Client

Status: Voted +2. Implemented. Released with OpenVAS-Client 1.0.4.


To provide transparency on which parts of a report have been created by which NVTs.


Initial proposal on openvas-devel mailing list.


The report widget shows a collection of results as reported for a host/port/severity combination. The texts are separated by a line filled with "=".

However, it is not possible in the GUI to find out which of the text blocks is created by which NVT. But for diagnostics/debugging it would be helpful to know about the respective NVTs easily. Of course the respective "report.nbe" file contains the ID of the NVTs, and with this ID and the plugin cache the name of the NVT could be retrieved, but this is regarded as not simple enough.


Design and Implementation