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OpenVAS Change Request #46: Remove Session Saving feature from OpenVAS Scanner

Status: Done (completed with svn 7070).


To remove a feature from the scanner that does not belong there.

To reduce code base of scan core.




Managing sessions is not the task of the core scanner. It belongs to the management environment and thus should be part of the openvas-manager.


This change would remove the OTP protocol commands SESSIONS_LIST, SESSION_DELETE and SESSION_RESTORE as well as the OTP preference ntp_save_sessions.

OTP clients that do use these protocol elements will loose this feature. They could use the upcoming OMP equivalents though.

Also, this will mean to increase releases to OTP > 1.0 and openvas-scanner > 3.0.


This does not apply for the removal.


Entire removal of the respective functionality in openvas-scanner. The conditional ENABLE_SAVE_TESTS is not used consistently, so the removal needs some care.

In openvas-client are some remains of this feature as well. These are deactivate since a long time and therfore could be removed savely.