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OpenVAS Change Request #37: Make openvas-client depend on openvas-libraries

Status: Voted +6. Done. Released with openvas-client and openvas-libraries 3.0.0.


To avoid comprehensive code duplicates and associated maintenance work.

To allow code cleanup and removal of code redundancy.



Currently openvas-client is independent of any other OpenVAS module. Since it shares some code base with the other modules, copies of various files from openvas-libraries are inside the openvas-client module.

As openvas-client deals with similar 'entities' (e.g. NVTs, reported issues) as openvas-server and openvas-libraries, there exist

which makes maintenance harder and can require double debugging efforts.

Current developments (e.g. openvas-manager, logging facility) in the 2.1 series will likely introduce more general code that could and should be used by openvas-client.


For compilation or installation of OpenVAS-Client, presence of openvas-libraries will be a strict requirement.

Design and Implementation

Changes to openvas-client

Changes to openvas-libraries

Incomplete list of affected files in openvas-client

The files counterparts in libopenvas are given in braces.