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OpenVAS Change Request #35: OpenVAS-Client: Migrate from OpenSSL to GNU/TLS

Status: Voted +7. Done with SVN revision 4941.


To have a SSL implementation that allows for easier porting to Windows operating systems.

To get rid of the OpenSSL license implications (exception clause and advertisement clause).




Currently, OpenVAS-Client is using OpenSSL library for handling the SSL-based connection to OpenVAS server. OpenSSL is not well supported for Windows.

The OpenVAS server already was migrated from OpenSSL to GNU/TLS a while ago. GNU/TLS is well supported for Windows.

Apart from this, OpenSSL implicates some sort of trouble due to its license. It requires to handle OpenSSL exceptions and to advertise OpenSSL.


Dependency to GNU/TLS instead of OpenSSL.

Design and Implementation

Best be introduced with a new release cycle (e.g. 2.1).

Changes will be similar to the ones in openvas-server. Ideally, OpenVAS-Client should link libopenvas to use the very same functionality.