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OpenVAS Change Request #2: Remove any support for NSR export format of OpenVAS-Client

Status: Voted +4. Implemented with SVN 673. Released with OpenVAS-Client 1.0.3.


To reduce code base.

To not let people use or create broken-by-design export files.


Discussion on openvas-devel mailing list


NSR was already marked as deprecated before OpenVAS fork from Nessus. It is not expected to have any users still need or have NSR report files.

NSR is broken-by-design: NSR is a line-oriented format and escaping of newlines is done with replacing newlines with a semicolon. No escaping for semicolon is defined. This problem is inherited directly from the Nessus protocol where the escaping is already broken. Removing NSR is thus a first step to remove the basic design flaw.

As a side-effect the code base can be reduced which is good for a higher quality rating.


Design and Implementation