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OpenVAS Change Request #12: Replace NTP with OTP

Status: Voted +2. Done; OTP has replaced NTP starting with the 2.0-beta1 releases.


To facilitate improvements to the communication protocol between client and server.


Discussion on openvas-devel mailing list.


OpenVAS still uses NTP, the communication protocol inherited from Nessus. This prevents improvements to the communication between client and server that require changes to the protocol as those changes would break compatibility with Nessus servers/clients and the NTP protocol.

Since OpenVAS is a fork of the Nessus project, implementing these changes in a new protocol version is not an option; a NTP 1.3 protocol created by OpenVAS would probably differ from a NTP 1.3 protocol created by Nessus. This would lead to unnecessary confusion for users of this protocol. To avoid this confusion and to reflect the changes to the protocol it has been proposed to change the protocol name to OTP (OpenVAS Transfer Protocol).

The OpenVAS-Server already no longer fully implements the NTP specification; for example, the NESSUS_VERSION command was removed and an OPENVAS_VERSION command added. To clarify this and to avoid confusion with communication partners expecting a pure implementation of NTP in OpenVAS, the communication protocol should be renamed to signify these changes.


Design and Implementation