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OpenVAS in Backtrack

Using Backtrack you can try out OpenVAS on the Backtrack live CD.

OpenVAS and BackTrack 4

OpenVAS is part of the Backtrack 4 prefinal version.

After you download, boot Backtrack 4 prefinal, start the Backtrack GUI and do the following:

Note that OpenVAS was not included in Backtrack 4 beta release.

OpenVAS and BackTrack 3

As OpenVAS is not in Backtrack 3 by default you can download the lzm module of OpenVAS stable (2.0.0):

If you don't have experience with adding additional lzm modules to Backtrack, read this.
Or you can download a remastered Backtrack3 ISO which includes the OpenVAS lzm (it still fits on 700 Mb CD):

After you download, boot the remastered Backtrack3 cd, open a terminal and enter following:

Other development or old modules (all compiled with debug symbols on):

Old ISO files (OpenVAS 1.x): http://www.linux.hr/openvas/bt3/bt3-openvas.iso

How you can use lzm files with BackTrack official release?
Boot BackTrack, open terminal and say:
lzm2dir /path/to/openvas.lzm /

Disclaimer: The remastered ISO file is not an official BackTrack release and you will not receive support for it in any of the official BackTrack locations. If you need help regarding OpenVAS on BackTrack, feel free to contact the OpenVAS development team.