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OpenVAS Binary Packages (3rd party)

Several third parties create binary package for a simplified installation. The focus and maturity of such packages may vary. The OpenVAS development team provides the sources and any questions and problems regarding the actual packages such as setup issues are best directed to the respective packaging team. We try to help those teams if it comes down to improvements in our code. However, it is not an explicit goal to support as many operating systems as possible but rather stay lean code-wise.

In doubt, check your setup: Run the check routine after you installed OpenVAS: Setup and start OpenVAS

Stay informed about OpenVAS: Once you have installed OpenVAS, you should subscribe to the openvas-announce mailing list. It is a low-traffic list which helps you to follow all OpenVAS news and important changes.

Get involved as user: If you have trouble using OpenVAS or you achieved nice solutions, you are welcome to join the openvas user mailing list and ask for support there or share your experiences.

ATTENTION: The following are 3rd party solutions as reported to the OpenVAS community. We appreciate any hint on missing, outdated or in other ways improvable items.