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OpenVAS now beyond 10000 Network Vulnerability Tests

April 9th, 2009

Passing the 10000th Network Vulnerability Test (NVT) is a perfect occasion to report about the progress of the OpenVAS project.

In October 2008 the systematic development of new NVTs started with a base of around 5800 Tests. With the release of OpenVAS 2.0 in December 2008, the development was boosted and has now reached an average of 10 code updates per day. The public OpenVAS NVT Feed Service delivers 3-10 new vulnerability tests every day.

The significantly grown and globally distributed developer team will gather at the second OpenVAS developers conference July 9-12 2009 in Germany. During the conference features and a roadmap for OpenVAS 3.0 will be scheduled.

The OpenVAS project is backed by a number of companies, which also supplement the project with professional services. These companies include Greenbone Networks, SecPod, Intevation and SecuritySpace. "Reaching the professional enterprise market is a good indicator that OpenVAS gained maturity very fast" says Tim Brown, founder of the OpenVAS project.

While OpenVAS 3.0 will likely appear in 2009, users of OpenVAS 1.0 should prepare to migrate as support for 1.0 will end during 2009.